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WAC Lighting provides high quality decorative and task lighting from energy efficient LED track and rail lighting to recessed and display lighting.


Join Peter Durbin from WAC Lighting on a Virtual Sample Case Video Series.

1. Intro & Pop In Virtual Sample Video

2. Oculux Virtual Sample Video

3. Puck Lights Virtual Sample Video

4. Silo Virtual Sample Video

5. Round & Square Virtual Sample Video

6. Dim to Warm Virtual Sample Video

7. DwelLED Virtual Sample Video

8. Accent Light Virtual Sample Video

9. Mod Virtual Sample Video

10. Turbo Virtual Sample Video

11. Brink Light Virtual Sample Video

12. Bar Lights Sample Video

13. Bar Lights Sample Video

14. Lotos Sample Video

View the product pages:

Oculux Family:
Oculux 3.5”
Oculux 2"
Oculux 1" 8W

Puck Lighting:
120V 3-CCT Puck Light Undercabinet
LED 90 Button Light

Silo Track Head:
Silo X10
Silo X20
Silo X42
Silo Multiples
Silo 2015 Monopoint Pendant
Silo Pendants Replacement Collar

Round and Square:
7"/11"/15" Round Ceiling and Wall Mount
5" Round Ceiling and Wall Mount

7"/11" Square Ceiling and Wall Mount

5" Square Ceiling and Wall Mount

Dim to Warm:

Oculux Arch 3.5″ Dim-to-Warm New Construction Housing Round
Oculux Arch 3.5″ Oculux Arch 3.5″ Dim-to-Warm Remodel Housing Trimless Round
Oculux 3.5″ Dim-to-Warm Downlight Round
Oculux 3.5″ Dim-to-Warm Adjustable Round
Oculux 3.5″ Dim-to-Warm Adjustable Round

Accent Light:

Mini Accent 12v
Grand Accent 12v

Mod Light:

Mod 6" Outdoor Wall Scone 3000k

Turbo Light:

Turbo Bath & Vanity Light


Brink Bathroom Scone

Bar Lights:

120v 3 CCT Barlight Undercabinet Task Luminaire


Lotos Adjustable Downlight 3000K
Lotos Downlight 3000K